Detailed programme

Thursday 11:15-12:30

TA-1: Multi-objective optimization 1

Chair: J. Dubois-Lacoste

  • A method for multi-objective optimization with complete aggregation: MULTIMOORA
    W. Brauers, B. Alvydas, and T. Baležentis
  • Bi-objective and Bi-level approach for a long haul freight transportation price setting problem problem
    M. Diaby, L. Brotcorne, and E.-G. Talbi
  • Anytime Improvements for Pareto Local Search
    J. Dubois-Lacoste, M. López-Ibànez, and T. Stützle


Chair: R. Bisdorff

  • A New Learning Reduction Method for Label Ranking
    M. Gurrieri, P. Fortemps, and X. Siebert
  • Comparing decisional maps
    V. Brison and M. Pirlot
  • On polarizing outranking relations with large performance differences
    R. Bisdorff

TA-3: TSP and orienteering problems

Chair: R. Dewil

  • Improved Methods for the Travelling Salesperson Problem with Hotel Selection
    M. Castro, K. Sörensen, P. Vansteenwegen, and P. Goos
  • Orienteering Problem with Hotel Selection: A Variable Neighborhood Search Method
    A. Divsalar, P. Vansteenwegen, and D. Cattrysse
  • Generating tool paths for laser cutting machines
    R. Dewil, P. Vansteenwegen, and D. Cattrysse

Thursday 14:00-15:40

TB-1: Supply Chain Management

Chair: V. Limère

  • Value of flexibility in MTO production systems under the lead time sensitive demand
    T.B. Mlinar and P. Chevalier
  • TACTICAL ENGINEERING SOLUTION Tactical Supply Chain Optimization
    M. Schaffers, G. Van de Weyer, B. Van Eylen, and K. Van Marcke
  • Managing Inventory and Routing in a Two-Stage Supply Network with Stochastic Demands
    M.K.I. Abdul Rahim and E.-H. Aghezzaf
  • Materials supply optimization given solution-dependent operator walking distances
    V. Limère and H. Van Landeghem

TB-2: Transportation

Chair: T. Dewilde

  • Analysing the efficiency of an intermodal rail-road terminal using simulation
    K. Ramaekers, A. Caris, and L. Gorissen
  • An Integer Programming model for air transport of hazardous and special shipments
    T. Kleyntssens, S. Limbourg, and M. Schyns
  • Three dimensional Bin Packing Problem applied to air transport
    C. Paquay, M. Schyns, and S. Limbourg
  • Improving the Robustness of the Railway System in Brussels
    T. Dewilde, P. Sels, D. Cattrysse, and P. Vansteenwegen

TB-3: Meta-heuristics 1

Chair: F. Mascia

  • Iterated Local Search for the Construction of D-Optimal Experimental Designs
    D. Palhazi Cuervo, P. Goos, and K. Sörensen
  • Hybrid Tabu Search Heuristics for a Bilevel Competitive Facility Location Model
    H. Küçukaydın, N. Aras, and \.
  • An Incremental Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm with Local Search for Continuous Domains
    T. Liao, M.A. Montes de Oca, D. Aydın, T. Stützle, and M. Dorigo
  • A Case Study on the Effectiveness of Parameter Adaptation Schemes using Reactive Search
    F. Mascia, P. Pellegrini, T. Stützle, and M. Birattari

TB-4: Healthcare management 1

Chair: P. De Causmaecker

  • A study on fairness objectives for nurse rostering
    P. Smet and G. Vanden Berghe
  • Three personnel structure examinations for improving nurse roster quality
    Komarudin, G. Vanden Berghe, M.A. Guerry, and T. De Feyter
  • A Mathematical Programming Approach for the Integrated Physician and Surgery Scheduling Problem
    C. Van Huele and M. Vanhoucke
  • Algorithm analysis and higher level decision support for nurse rostering
    P. De Causmaecker and S. Haspeslagh

Thursday 16:10-17:25

TC-1: Multi-objective optimization 2

Chair: M. López-Ibànez

  • Inverse combinatorial optimization under the Chebyshev norm and its extensions to multi-objective optimization
    J. Roland, Y. De Smet, and J.R. Figueira
  • Multi-Objective Derivative Free Optimization Algorithms applied to the Automatic Tuning of Simulation Parameters for Clinical Trial Supply Chain
    C. Dejemeppe and P. Schaus
  • Automatically Improving the Anytime Behaviour of Optimisation Algorithms
    M. López-Ibànez and T. Stützle

TC-2: Preference modeling

Chair: T. Marchant

  • Goodness of fit of revealed preference tests: Complexity and algorithms
    B. Smeulders and F. Spieksma
  • Dealing with time issues in testing revealed preference axioms
    F. Talla Nobibon, Y. Crama, and F.C.R. Spieksma
  • Diversity management: measuring diversity
    D. Bouyssou, T. Marchant, and M. Pirlot

TC-3: Software and modeling tools

Chair: P. Schaus

  • How the OR community can benefit from Algebraic modeling languages and optimization frameworks like ODME?
    A. Fleischer
  • Introducing Scampi: The Scala Math Programming Interface
    P. Schaus, G. Scouvart, B. Cornelusse, G. Meyer, S. Mouthuy, C. Dejemeppe, and H. Kostanyan

TC-4: Production planning

Chair: B. Raa

  • A solution for joint production planning without transfer payments
    A. Lamas and P. Chevalier
  • A matheuristic for aggregate production-distribution planning with shared resources
    B. Raa, W. Dullaert, and E.-H. Aghezzaf

Friday 9:00-10:15

FA-1: Routing

Chair: Q. Louveaux

  • Bounds on the loaded unfairness in the optimal routing of a congested network
    Q. Louveaux
  • School Bus Routing – A column generation approach
    J. Kinable, F. Spieksma, and G. Vanden Berghe
  • Pheromone-based Column Generation for the Vehicle Routing Problem with Black Box Feasibility
    F. Massen, Y. Deville, and P. Van Hentenryck

FA-2: Healthcare management 2

Chair: W. Vancroonenburg

  • Towards a medical disaster management simulator
    C. Ullrich, F. Van Utterbeeck, E. Dhondt, and M. Debacker
  • Case mix and capacity planning over a hospital network: A mathematical programming modelling
    G. Ma and E. Demeulemeester
  • The patient assignment problem: complexity and planning in a dynamic context
    W. Vancroonenburg, P. De Causmaecker, F. Spieksma, and G. Vanden Berghe

FA-3: Assignment and scheduling

Chair: D. Goossens

  • The lock scheduling problem: An exact approach
    J. Verstichel, P. De Causmaecker, and G. Vanden Berghe
  • Approximating the Multi-Level Bottleneck Assignment Problem
    Trivikram Dokka, A. Kouvela, and F.C.R. Spieksma
  • Scheduling the Finnish national U20 ice hockey league
    D. Goossens, K. Nurmi, and J. Kyngäs

Friday 14:00-15:40

FB-1: Graphs and networks

Chair: D. Catanzaro

  • Simple algorithms for the linear ordering problem on special graphs
    A. Quilliot and D. Rebaine
  • On Determining the Shortest Path through a Number of Intermediate Points
    S. Demeyer, P. Audenaert, and M. Pickavet
  • A Branch-Price-and-Cut Algorithm for the Piecewise Linear Network Flow Problem
    T.R.L. Christensen and M. Labbé
  • An Exact Algorithm for the Balanced Minimum Evolution Problem under Uncertain Data
    D. Catanzaro, M. Labbé, and R. Pesenti

FB-2: Logistics

Chair: L. Verdonck

  • Pickup and delivery selection problem
    T. Maes, A. Caris, K. Ramaekers, G.K. Janssens, and T. Bellemans
  • Service network design with empty container repositioning in intermodal barge transportation
    K. Braekers, A. Caris, and G.K. Janssens
  • Congestion avoidance: optimization of vehicle routing planning for the logistics industry
    C. Verbeeck and P. Vansteenwegen
  • Modeling freight consolidation from the perspective of transportation carriers
    L. Verdonck, A. Caris, K. Ramaekers, and G.K. Janssens

FB-3: Meta-heuristics 2

Chair: T. Wauters

  • Grammatical Evolution of Local Search Heuristics
    M.R. Hyde
  • Design principles and performance analysis of a selection hyper-heuristic across multiple problem domains
    M. Misir, K. Verbeeck, P. De Causmaecker, and G. Vanden Berghe
  • Composing counterpoint musical scores with variable neighborhood search
    D. Herremans and K. Sörensen
  • The Eternity II puzzle: a matheuristic approach
    T. Wauters, W. Vancroonenburg, F. Salassa, F. Della Croce, and G. Vanden Berghe

FB-4: Queueing and Markov processes

Chair: D. Fiems

  • The Deviation Matrix in the Analysis of Perturbed QBD Processes
    S. Dendievel and G. Latouche
  • Performance evaluation of a decoupling inventory for hybrid push-pull systems
    E. De Cuypere, K. De Turck, and D. Fiems
  • Conditions for embeddability of discrete time markov models
    M.A. Guerry
  • Discrete-time queues with $M/G/∞$-like input
    D. Fiems and K. De Turck