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Key speakers

Matthias Ehrgott

Lancaster University
From routeplanning to scheduling and policy decisions: Applications of multiobjective optimization in transportation

In my talk I review some classical transport related applications of OR, including route planning, airline scheduling and the decision of tolling or carbon credit trading schemes in road transport. The emphasis is on the need to approach these classical problems from a multi- objective point of view to cater for the development sustainable and resilient transportation systems. Cyclists need multi-objective route planners to assess the health impacts of cycling against travel time; airlines are increasingly interested in minimising the effects of delays rather than simply minimising cost; policy makers need to take into account emissions as well as reducing total travel time when implementing tolls or trading schemes.

Gerhard Woeginger

Eindhoven University of Technology
Optimization at the second level

The talk surveys and discusses a number of algorithmic problems located at the second level of the polynomial hierarchy. The problems are taken from geometry, graph theory, social choice, and robust optimization. They have been picked for expository reasons: some of them are genuinely hard, while others only pretend to be intractable.

  SOGESCI/ORBEL - Conference chair: Prof. M. Pirlot - Platform: Prof. M. Schyns