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Thursday 7 February:

9:00-9:30Registration (Room Spina)
9:30-10:45Plenary session
Invited speaker: El-Ghazali Talbi
Metaheuristics for multi-objective optimization - A unified view
10:45-11:15Coffee break
11:15-12:30Parallel sessions
  TA-1: COMEX Decision Making
Chair: B. Fortz
Room: C.611
TA-2: Production 1
Chair: E.h. AGhezzaf
Room: C.601
TA-3: Global Optimization
Chair: D. Claeys
Room: C.602
TA-4: Transportation 1
Chair: C. Vanovermeire
Room: C.603
14:00-15:40Parallel sessions
  TB-1: COMEX Health
Chair: G. Vanden Berghe
Room: C.611
TB-2: Routing
Chair: G.K. Janssens
Room: C.601
TB-3: Meta-Heuristics
Chair: P. Vansteenwegen
Room: C.602
TB-4: Transportation 2
Chair: F.C.R Spieksma
Room: C.603
15:40-16:10Coffee break
16:10-17:25Parallel sessions
  TC-1: COMEX Routing
Chair: K. Sôrensen
Room: C.611
TC-2: Sets, Relations and Rankings
Chair: B. De Baets
Room: C.601
TC-3: Logistics
Chair: S. Demeyer
Room: C.602
17:30-General Assembly (Room C.611)
19:30-Conference dinner (Carlton)

Friday 8 February
9:00-10:15Parallel sessions
  FA-1: COMEX Logistics
Chair: Y. Crama
Room: C.611
FA2: Production 2
Chair: D. Tuyttens
Room: C.611
Chair: T. Dokka
Room: C.603
10:15-10:40Coffee break
10:40-12:40Plenary session
Wolsey award announcement
Invited speaker: Andrea Schaerf
Educational Timetabling: Problems, Benchmarks, Algorithms, Software Tools, and Practical Issues
14:00-14:30IMinds Information Session (Room C.611)
14:30-16:10Parallel sessions
  FB-1: COMEX automatic tuning and organization
Chair: T. Stützle
Room: C.611
FB2: Disaster, Water and Biology
Chair: L. Porretta
Room: C.602
FB-3: Decision Making
Chair: D. Goossens
Room: C.603
16:10-16:40Coffee break

Thursday 11:15-12:30 TA-1: COMEX Decision Making
Room C.611 - Chair: B. Fortz

Thursday 11:15-12:30 TA-2: Production 1
Room C.601 - Chair: E.h. AGhezzaf

Thursday 11:15-12:30 TA-3: Global Optimization
Room C.602 - Chair: D. Claeys

Thursday 11:15-12:30 TA-4: Transportation 1
Room C.603 - Chair: C. Vanovermeire

Thursday 14:00-15:40 TB-1: COMEX Health
Room C.611 - Chair: G. Vanden Berghe

Thursday 14:00-15:40 TB-2: Routing
Room C.601 - Chair: G.K. Janssens

Thursday 14:00-15:40 TB-3: Meta-Heuristics
Room C.602 - Chair: P. Vansteenwegen

Thursday 14:00-15:40 TB-4: Transportation 2
Room C.603 - Chair: F.C.R Spieksma

Thursday 16:10-17:25 TC-1: COMEX Routing
Room C.611 - Chair: K. Sôrensen

Thursday 16:10-17:25 TC-2: Sets, Relations and Rankings
Room C.601 - Chair: B. De Baets

Thursday 16:10-17:25 TC-3: Logistics
Room C.602 - Chair: S. Demeyer

Friday 9:00-10:15 FA-1: COMEX Logistics
Room C.611 - Chair: Y. Crama

Friday 9:00-10:15 FA2: Production 2
Room C.611 - Chair: D. Tuyttens

Friday 9:00-10:15 FA-3: MIP
Room C.603 - Chair: T. Dokka

Friday 14:00-15:40 FB-1: COMEX automatic tuning and organization
Room C.611 - Chair: T. Stützle

Friday 14:00-15:40 FB2: Disaster, Water and Biology
Room C.602 - Chair: L. Porretta

Friday 14:00-15:40 FB-3: Decision Making
Room C.603 - Chair: D. Goossens

  SOGESCI/ORBEL - Conference chair: Prof. P. De Causmaecker - Platform: Prof. M. Schyns